HVAC: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning


Our product range covers all applications

As more and more people opt for using public transport, rail vehicle manufacturers are aware of the passengers' right to travel in a comfortable and healthy atmosphere. Merak's HVAC systems with optional air quality treatment systems are available for any kind of passenger rail vehicle.


Merak's product range

HVAC systems from Merak are available:

  • with or without heat pump
  • with or without airduct systems
  • with or without auxiliary elements (exhaust air units, heaters, etc.)
  • with our without integrated auxiliary power system
  • with or without emergency inverter
  • with or without air quality treatment system
  • as compact/package or split systems
  • as roof-mounted (interior) or underfloor versions
  • for passenger and driver cabins
  • for new and refurbished vehicles



Merak's product range